Real Estate Closing Attorneys is here to help seller’s navigate the closing process. Below are some of the steps to follow before closing.


  • Fill out our seller’s questionnaire. 
  • Provide us with a copy of the real estate contract.
  • As soon as possible, provide our offices with the following:
    • The names, telephone numbers and account numbers of all lenders that hold mortgages, loans, or equity lines of credit on the property being sold.
    • The Social security numbers of all persons listed on the deed to the property and those who are on the loans to be paid off.
    • The forwarding address of and telephone numbers for all sellers.
    • If the property is governed by a homeowner’s association, please provide us with the name and contact information for the association.
    • A copy of the driver’s licenses or passports of all sellers listed on the deed and mortgage. You will need to bring your government issued ID to the closing.
  • If you require funds to close, they must be sent to our attorney trust account before the closing. We will send you wire instructions through a secure platform called CertifID.
  • If you are receiving funds at the closing, please provide us with your wire instructions. We will wire the proceeds of the sale to your bank account.
  • If title to the property you are selling is in a company or trust, please provide us with your trust agreement, operating agreement, and/or articles of incorporation to review.
  • If you are unable to attend your closing, please let us know whether you will be executing a Power of Attorney designating an Attorney-in-Fact to attend to the closing and sign on your behalf.